Getting the Most from their Stay: How to Help Guests take Advantage of Hotel Amenities

How many times have you heard the question, “I’ve forgotten my bathing suit, do you happen to have any spares”? Guests constantly pose this inquiry to hotel staff, who often must answer, to the guests’ dismay, with a simple “no.” Otherwise, they tell the guest to look elsewhere, for example in a department store or the souvenir shop down the road. A survey conducted in 2004 by Travelodge revealed that while up to 75% of tourists in Britain reported the availability of a gym plays a deciding factor in their selection of a resort or hotel, only 32% of guests actually use these spaces. What’s worse, while many consider pools important in their hotel choice, only 22% of guests ever take a dip.

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These figures translate into a major loss for consumers, who in turn feel disappointed by the fact that they have to pay for ever higher room prices, which must be raised by owners to support services that the guests cannot even use. According to the same study, cumulatively, travellers in the UK waste up to £186 million every year on goods and services they don’t need, want or use at the resorts and hotels where they stay. About 1/6th of that wasted money, or £29 million, is spent annually on unused wellness amenities, for the maintenance of pools, saunas, gyms and fitness equipment that sit empty and must be constantly updated to conform with the latest trends and technological innovations.

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One-Piece Bathing Suit

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How can hotel managers ensure their guests enjoy their stay and don’t regret their choice of establishment? Of course, they can do this by allowing guests to take advantage of the location’s amenities. Caractère Paris offers a variety of reusable emergency bathing suits and work out apparel for hotels to offer or sell to their clients. High end properties usually give out the bathing suits for free, considering their cost included in the price of the room. Basic level lodging can choose to charge a nominal fee for these extra bathing suits, which the clients normally won’t mind paying in order to take advantage of the amenities that sold them on the hotel.

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In terms of selection, there are both Two-Piece Bikini swimsuits and One-Piece “scoop” cut solids, available in a range of sizes that will fit every size and shape of woman. Caractere also offers two different styles for men, the stretchy and fashionable Brief-style bathing suits popular throughout Europe, and the less-traditional, American Boxer-style swim trunks. Between the four styles, almost every conceivable age, body type and fashion sense is covered. Available in sets of 6 or in the 50 piece starter value pack, these bathing suits become an indespensible asset to your guests. For children, Caractere Paris offers boys’ swim trunks and girls’ bikini swimsuits in several sizes. All come in black because among consumers, it’s the colour most universally accepted. Your guests will love the comfort and style of these suits, for which they’ll thank you for covering all the bases and thinking of the quality of their stay.

If you want to know more about these swimsuit follow this link by clicking here.


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