Crisis Management and Emergency Sleeping Arrangements: Planning and Prevention with Disposable Sheets

Recent weather crises in Europe (blizzards, snow storms, floods, tornadoes, volcanic dust clouds, etc.), governmental instability around the Mediterranean (violent protests, revolutions and camps of political refugees) and global natural disasters (earthquakes, forest fires, hurricanes, etc.) have proven that preparation makes all the difference when it comes to crisis management.

Dealing with disasters, political unrest and climatic changes is of course difficult for the victims, but it is also difficult for governments, airports, train stations, hotels, city halls and other responsible facilities to organise and deploy a response.

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Adult Sleeping Bag

Within a matter of minutes, anywhere from dozens to thousands of people can become stranded in airports and train stations, or even worse, left homeless. They’re often placed in emergency lodging in community or cultural centres, malls, gymnasiums and schools that become transformed into improvised emergency shelters. This winter, during the heavy snows of December and January, thousands of travellers across Europe found themselves sleeping on benches, with their young children forced to sleep on the ground without any pillows or sheets.

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Baby Sleeping Bag

This is where planning and prevention are essential for effective crisis management. Organising and coordinating the right supplies in advance of the disaster will allow for a proper, transparent response and satisfied customers. Municipal authorities, rail stations and airports must be capable of mobilising workers, volunteers and supplies within a few hours. While crises and natural disasters have always existed, the speed and abundance of today’s media puts pressure on political authorities and transportation organisations (such as airports and railway companies) to do everything possible, as fast as possible, to lessen the inconvenience and disastrous impact on their image by ensuring the safety and comfort of their customers. If a mode of transport wants client fidelity and return customers, it needs to provide decent services, even in times of despair. Improvised solutions are no longer acceptable to most clients: structured responses have become the new norm, especially with the threats of terrorism and disease outbreak that can instantly cancel or change travel arrangements.

This is where disposable solutions are ideal. Not only single-use sheets and blankets, but also sleeping bags and children’s size sleeping sacks become essential in these cases. In addition to the fact that their prices are extremely low per unit (between 1 and 5 pounds each, depending on the product and size required), but they also provide an essential level of health, welfare, sanitation and comfort for those affected by the disaster. A sheet, a blanket and a sleeping bag for every person — this no longer needs to require expensive and time-consuming washing cycles and labour. Since each product is individually wrapped, the packaging protects against dust, moisture, mites, bed bugs, moths, cross infection and other problems that one may encounter with traditional fabrics such as cotton and wool. Sheets and blankets made of nonwoven material have a reputation for their durability and resistance to decay.

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Disposable Sheets

In terms of care and maintenance, crisis management no longer poses a problem with the right planning and management. Washing machines and dryers are eliminated from the question with single-use linens. If the crisis continues for a longer period, the linens are comfortable and durable enough to be reused for weeks. Once the problem is resolved or a solution is found, the sheets are 100% recyclable. Disposable sheets weigh less and are far more compact during storage than normal sheets. For example, a box of 8 kg (18 lbs) will contain a minimum of 50 units. This also means easier transportation of supplies, and at a lower overall cost because more can be accomplished with the same amount of space and workers. These savings often become essential when dealing with the other costs involved in crisis situations.

Logistical ease, a low price and the guarantee of hygiene are the three most important elements that make disposable linens, bed sheets and sleeping bags the only truly effective and simple solution for emergency management. Unfortunately, many other, less dramatic situations also justify the use of disposable products, such as conventions, festivals and large meetings that bring together thousands of people who need a place to sleep, especially if the event was organised at the last minute. In both times of crisis or peace, single use bedsheets are an exellent decision. If you want more information on disposable linens, clothing and other supplies, do not hesitate to visit


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