Caractère Paris debuts New Line of Waterproof Mattress Protectors, Named ‘Nuit Tranquille’

Emmanuel Gohet
Marketing Director
Caractère Paris
2 rue Léon Mauvais
F-93600 Aulnay sous bois
Paris, France
+ 33 1 49 89 01 83


Caractère Paris debuts New Line of Waterproof
Mattress Protectors, Named ‘Nuit Tranquille’

(Paris, France) – (17. June 2015) Leading linen manufacturer launches a new line of affordable, fitted, waterproof mattress protectors for hotel and spa clientele.

Nuit Tranquille Fitted, Disposable, Semi-Waterproof Mattress Protectors – Numerous sizes availableHotel housekeepers and BnB owners can now save valuable time, money and energy on laundering mattress protectors thanks to the Nuit Tranquille disposable linens. Caractère Paris has recently launched their new line of waterproof, disposable mattress protectors priced at only €1.73 per single bed, compared to laundry pricing of €3 for similar products.

“The Nuit Tranquille mattress protector offers guests an ideal night of comfort and quiet. Our clients big and small will love this new product from Caractère Hostellerie,” comments the company’s Marketing Director, Emmanuel Gohet.

This revolutionary mattress protector is made using an innovative material, which helps eliminate the noisy bottom layer of mattress covers and replaces it with a micro-elastic, impermeable, multi-layered fabric. Caractère Paris has developed the protectors to feature a space-age, semi-waterproof layer that is melded to the fabric to protect against spills and stains; making it a perfect fit for hotels and spas.
Gohet goes on to say, “Our new line also offers the same special features as with all our standard products included, such as contour fitting and comfortable lining. Clients can rest assured the Nuit Tranquille line is manufactured with the highest quality and care.”
Each protector comes in individual sealed packages for added convenience and hygiene and is made to last a minimum of six weeks and up to six month of use. Since the mattress protectors are both affordable and disposable, they eliminate the need to wash and air-dry older products, saving time and money on labour, washing machines, and cleaning products.

The Nuit Tranquille line of disposable waterproof mattress protectors is now available in 25 different sizes, exclusively online at Caractère Paris. Ordering is simple and easy with delivery varying between 2 to 5 days and shipping options available throughout Western Europe. Now for a limited time, customers can receive five percent on orders of two packages.

About the company:

Founded in 1993, Caractère Paris is a French manufacturer that provides disposable linens to companies in the hotel and spa industry throughout Europe, with main markets in France and Germany. They strive to be a trustworthy company with prestigious clients that include Hilton international and Accor Hotel — Caractère Paris also carries a strong online presence through their direct sales, serving in small B&B and beauty parlours.

For media inquiries regarding Caractère Paris, individuals are encouraged to contact Marketing Director, Emmanuel Gohet directly at + 33 1 49 89 01 83 or via email at,

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