Leading Provider in Hotel and Spa Linens Debuts ‘Emergency’ Swimsuit for Guests

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Leading Provider in Hotel and Spa Linens Debuts ‘Emergency’ Swimsuit for Guests

(Paris, France) — (July 22 2015) As a leading provider of disposable linens since 1993, Caractère Paris has developed a new line of disposable swimwear that is affordable for guests.

Spare 2-Piece Bikini for massageTypically, only the finest hotels come equipped with spare bathing suits, but thanks to Caractère Paris, hotels and spas can be ready when asked for an ‘emergency swimsuit’ by guests. Made of high-quality, soft, stretchy polyester with Spandex (elastane), these non-disposable swimsuits are fit for even the most chlorinated pools or the saltiest seawater.

“Believe it or not, even during summer time, 20% of all hotel guests arrive having forgotten entirely about swimwear. Most of them being men,” explains Emmanuel Gohet, who is the Marketing Manager for Caractère Paris. “It’s always a bit embarrassing for the guests, but they always ask the receptionist if they have something to borrow or to buy to jump in the swimming pool during  the seasonal hot weather. We’ve worked to provide an affordable solution for hospitality service providers.”

The swimsuits are offered in three different styles including:

  • Two piece bikini: Triangular cups with discreet padding and extra breast support, and a comfortable white lining in the bra and crotch area. Ties around the neck and on both hips, which ensures a secure and adjustable fit.
  • One piece: Scoop-cut back, with discreet padding and extra breast support, and a comfortable white lining in the bra and crotch area. Brief-style Shorts – Stretchy; lined with a comfortable, protective layer of white mesh fabric, an elastic waistband and a tie-cord.
  • Boxer-style shorts: Lower thigh length, lined with a comfortable, protective layer of soft white mesh fabric and an elastic waistband to ensure a secure and pleasing fit.

All suits are made from 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex elastane, with fibers intermeshed for a comfortable fit. Prices vary from €32.28 to €38.88 for a pack of 6 that includes two suits for men, two for women and 2 for kids from sizes XS to 4XL to accommodate the diversity of guests.

“Unlike most companies, we offer the bathing suits in just one color, black. This ensures a stylish, comfortable and practical swimwear look through its classic color, allowing to keep costs low for purchasers and guests who purchase them as well.”

Whether it be a complimentary item or sold to guests of resorts, spas and public pools, Caractère Paris’s latest luxury style swimsuits adhere to regulation and dress codes that do not permit the use of other, more risqué or loose cut swimwear, providing a prime solution for hotels and guests alike. Priced at about £5 each, hospitality companies now have affordable and functional options that allow both profit and added customer service to guests in need of a swimsuit.

About the company:

Founded in 1993, Caractère Paris is a French manufacturer of disposable linens that services the hospitality industry and service providers throughout Europe, mainly markets in France and Germany. They are a trusted company with prestigious clients such as Hilton International and Accor Hotel, with a strong presence on the web with online direct sales for small B&B, beauty parlors and boutiques.

For media inquiries regarding Caractère Paris, those interested are encouraged to contact the company’s Marketing Manager, Emmanuel Gohet directly at + 33 1 49 89 01 83 or via email at emmanuel.gohet@caractere-paris.com. To learn more about the company or their line of disposable bathing suits, please visit: www.disposable-linen.co.uk or and disposable swimwear


Disposable Mattress Protector: Why Your Hotel Needs It?

hotel_whiteIf you are an owner or a hotel operator, you will certainly understand the grave importance of mattress protectors . True, mattress protectors are kind of expensive and are very high-maintenance. If you skip this part, your guests will certainly hate you and your hotel’s reputation will be ruined. But luckily, with modern technology, disposable mattress protectors are becoming a thing of today. Why should you purchase them? Are they more durable and economical? We’ll give you great reasons to ditch those expensive and high maintenance mattress protectors that you are currently using and choose a healthier and less expensive alternative which the disposable kind can provide.

  • It is a healthier alternative to the regular mattress protectors. Just because it is disposable, it is certainly more hygienic, and thus it is healthier. Your guests would be satisfied to know that they are sleeping on a mattress that is freshly covered and they will love your hotel for it.
  • It will cut a huge cost on your budget. We don’t need to stress further that traditional mattress covers do cost a fortune. Aside from the initial cost alone, keeping it well maintained also costs more. If you choose not to maintain it, it will be very unsanitary and unhealthy for your guests.
  • It gives you a good reputation of being a very clean and sanitary hotel. Imagine how your guests would feel if they found out that you are using an old and dirty mattress cover – naturally, they will be disappointed, turned off, and disgusted. Though not many guests will really scrutinize and lift the covers off their bed, there are really those who have OCD. But if they see fresh, clean disposable mattress covers, they will be impressed and nonetheless pleased with it.
  • It will give you more flexibility. Disposable mattress covers are highly versatile compared to those regular and traditional protectors. They can almost go with any kind of mattress and can go unsuspectingly underneath without disrupting anything at the top (waterproof and breathable fabrics) .
  • They are highly comfortable. These disposable mattress covers are made of high quality materials giving your guests an assurance of comfort and high quality of sleep. They will surely be in for a treat.

Those are a few of the reasons why disposable mattress covers should already be in your hotel inventory list. If you haven’t decided yet, you might want to rethink your decision and read those reasons explicitly stated above.

Almost every hotel proprietor who has switched to the disposable variant has provided positive feedback from both their staff and their guests. Some would even question why they haven’t done this in the first place. So if you want to have only the best for your hotel, think of ditching your old and expensive mattress covers and opt for the healthier, cheaper and durable disposable mattress protectors. You will surely not regret your decision and your guests will surely thank you too! Check out all those available disposable mattress covers and choose the one that will best fit your hotel’s needs.

Disposable Face Cloths: Why it is More Cost-Effective

Disposable Face Cloths: Why it is More Cost-Effective

Disposable Face ClothsApart from being time consuming, laundry costs can greatly take up a huge part of your budget. Hotel management certainly knows that particular fact. How many items need to be washed every single day? Mattress covers, face cloths, towels, blankets, and the list goes on. You’ll be surprised at how much time and money is spent on these unknowing little things just to have them laundered and freshened up. This is where disposable stuff comes into place.

Apart from disposable slippers and blankets, there is another ingeniously disposable product: face cloths. How many guests use face cloths? The answer is, of course, every single one of them. Each and every guest requires face cloths at one point or another in their hotel stay. That shouldn’t come as a surprise though because it is already expected. Some guests even request extra face cloths – so you can really tell how used and abused these little things are. Here are the reasons why you should switch to the disposable kind.

  1. It is cheap. Quite contrary to what one might think, disposable face cloths actually are cheap when you buy them in bulk – that’s already another tip if you plan to go disposable.
  2. It is sanitary and hygienic. Just because all you do is throw it after the guests use it, there is no need to utterly sanitize it in any way. Guests use these face cloths for god-knows-what apart from its regular purpose. Throwing it away just puts everyone at ease.
  3. It is economical. Apart from the fact that it is cheap, these disposable face cloths don’t need to be laundered anymore – which saves you laundry and labor costs.
  4. It is safe. These disposable face cloths are made of high quality materials that are a hundred percent safe to use for anyone. It is also highly biodegradable so you won’t have to worry about tainting Mother Nature with it.
  5. Guests will love it. Of course, they want to use something brand new – which you can possibly give when you let them use these disposable kinds.

As you can see, there are really quite a number of really convincing reasons why you should use disposable face cloths. You might not be surprised about the number of disposable variants that are available nowadays: disposable undies, towels, plates, cutlery, nighties, and the list goes on. You might wonder why? This is due to the fact that disposable things are more innovative and cost-effective. Though there are certain situations where disposable stuff can be more expensive in the long run, you still can’t deny the fact that there are also a huge amount of reasons why disposables are more time and cost-efficient compared to the costs of having those traditional alternatives.

If you opt for the disposable kind, your housekeeping personnel, your guests, and everyone else in the hotel will certainly salute you for choosing the disposable kinds. So if you really want the best for your hotel, start going disposable.

Buying Disposable Bed Sheets – Do Order In Bulk

from Caractère Paris

Waterproof Mattress Pads

Do you know that that when it comes to beddings, you need to have lots of stocks at your hotel? You do not want to let your guests feel that they are sleeping on low quality bedding or else they might reconsider the idea of leaving your hotel. Go for disposable bed sheets. It saves you time and money for laundry.

However, buying disposable bed sheet can be costly if you do not already know. Do buy in bulk and you will see the difference it can make to your hotel’s expenses.

Why should you go for ordering in bulk in buying disposable bed sheet? Here are the reasons.

  1. Saves time.

Time is money. When you order by batches instead of in one go, you are spending more time than you could ever think of. When you order in bulk you will be saving time in making an order and even in payment.

  1. Saves money.

What do you think of having to save money on your order? Would that be a good idea? Well, this is what you get for buying disposable bed sheets in bulk. Companies do offer discounts if you buy in bulk instead of on a piece by piece basis. You will get more discount when you buy in 100s than in 10s. Think about how much money you will be saving. This is something you need to contemplate upon ordering next time.

  1. More convenient.

When you purchase in bulk it is way more convenient at your end. Why is this so? The call time that your purchasing officer will do is limited compared to ordering by batches of 10 compared to ordering in 100s in one go. Your purchasing officer can make use of his time on more productive tasks.

There you have, it three reasons as to why it is highly advisable to go for bulk order when it comes to buying disposable sheets. Always remember, money saved leads to more profit on your end. It is much easier to cut down costs, cut down your expenses than looking for more guests to stay at your hotel. Why not consider the idea of going for bulk order? It will save you time, money and be more convenient at your end.

Start the search now for suppliers of disposable bed sheets. There are quite a number of them online. The key here is to pick one that has been in the business for years for reliability’s sake, well-trusted, and sell good quality bed sheets. Of course, you still aim for quality while saving money on your order.

Make your hotel the best place to stay for your guests by providing them disposable bed sheets to sleep on. Cut down the costs, and get more out of your purchase through ordering in bulk. You will surely see the change it can make in your hotel’s income. Are you ready for a change? Take it and make your hotel the best it can be.