Why is it important to use hygiene protection when wearing a 3D virtual reality headset?


The answer is easy and in the question: hygiene.

It is the easiest and certainly most effective way of limiting the spread of germs from one person to another.

It’s always better when it’s new and when it’s clean!

Bacteria, fungi and viruses do exist and our aim is to avoid spreading germs from one user to another.

Let’s use the virtual reality demonstrations at trade fairs or in showrooms as a perfect example.

The demonstrator gives you the headset that the previous person has just used, without even disinfecting it.

What do you think? Would you dare put it on your face?

The answer is easy.

To remedy this uncomfortable situation and to provide real and visible hygiene, the Caractere Paris Company has developed the disposable protection mask for 3D glasses and headsets.

Made from a technical non-woven fabric which is very soft, strong and as absorbent as cotton, the single-use mask provides a real and effective barrier between the 3D headset and the user’s face.

This prevents any contaminant from coming into contact with the face and from infecting a new user.

The nose, the forehead and around the eyes are completely protected.

The fabric used to produce the 3D disposable mask absorbs sebum and perspiration which can be caused by wearing 3D glasses.

In fact, certain 3D headsets do give off a bit of heat which causes some people to sweat. The mask is there to absorb the excess and bring maximum comfort.

It is important to note that wearing prescription glasses is completely compatible with the use of a hygiene mask for 3D headsets.

At trade fairs or showrooms, it is obviously the responsibility of the organiser or the training company to provide a new hygiene mask for each new presentation or training session. Many people do in fact refuse to put a 3D headset, that has not been disinfected beforehand or without a hygiene protection, on their faces.

It would be inappropriate and uneconomical for the organiser or the training centre to limit the number of demonstrations simply because hygiene hadn’t been properly considered.

Distributing the hygiene mask is made easy courtesy of the product’s packaging. In effect, the mask is supplied in a completely sealed bag. This proves to a new user that it has not been used before. It is what we refer to as visible hygiene, something which visitors are very conscious of.

The protection mask has been developed by the Caractere-Paris Company so that it adapts well to all faces, respecting the spacing of the eyes and different shapes of noses. Everybody is different; with an oval, square or round face, a wide or thin face… Many of these factors have been considered during the development of the mask in order to provide maximum hygiene and a high level of comfort for the user whilst avoiding any interference during the demonstration.

In fact, at events and training such as learning to fly drones, the trainees must wear a hygiene mask.

It is exactly the same at some very big international motor shows where some manufacturers offer driving demonstrations of new vehicles using 3D virtual reality.

The mask is easily unfolded and quickly and efficiently fitted to the face with the aid of an elastic strap. Once the protection mask is fitted to the face, all you have to do is place the 3D glasses or mask on your head.

Therefore, there is no lost time between two virtual reality demonstrations which, in effect, increases productivity of product presentations.

Why not try it!

This product is only available in one format. It comes in a box of 100 hygiene masks for 3D virtual reality headsets.

Remember that each mask is individually packaged to provide the user with real and visible hygiene.

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