New slippers available in Caractere

In Caractere we have expanded our range of slippers not only for hotels, but also for small establishments such as motels, hostels and B & B.

Let’s look at the different models we have:

chausson_standard_hotel_slipper_pantoffeln — Standard slippers with an open or closed toe.


LUXE slippers available in many colors and also available with an open or closed toe.


Prestige slippers, a clean and velvety finish.


Paris slippers, which have a smooth and silky feel.


– And now we present our Chateau slippers. Soft, and like all our slippers, it is available in three different sizes.

In Caractere, all our slippers are presented in an individual sealed bag and are disposable to assure the best possible hygiene to the customer .

Upon request, we can customize the color of the slippers and add a logo to them. This option is available when a large quantity is ordered.

However, you can also find our products on our website, available in small quantities (usually 10 or 20 pieces).

Stating from 100 pieces significant discounts can be made, up to 20% of the price.

We also carry a line of children’s slippers.


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