Slippers for hotels, slippers for hostels, flip-flops for the pool and spa .. The disposable footwear suitable for every occasion.


Slippers are increasingly being requested by hotel and B&B guests. The aforementioned being a very particular object in the history of footwear. The terms “slipper” and “flip flops” are often used refering to the same thing: footwear for rooms and / or homes. The key difference is that slippers are close-toed and flip-flops are open-toed.

When a customer finds slippers in the room where they will reside, they feel welcomed. Where does this feeling come from? The history behind this is fascinating, and also explains why they are so requested by the guests.

The slippers were always an obsession of many kings / queens and intellectuals; For example, it is said that Marie Antoinette possessed more than 500 pairs and the Empress Josefina Bonaparte, is said to have liked her slippers so much that she unconsciously used them at all times, breaking them after the excessive wear, causing her shoemaker to complain. This shoe, in fact, is not made for walking outdoors, but to stay at home, it is a shoe for leisure, resting and even intimacy. For centuries it has been a symbol of social distinction, which later became a sign of the intellectual elite, Gabiele d’Annunzio, for example, was the first to use it outside the home, and then became a fascinating and peculiar symbol to successful men like David Bowie; Flavio Briatore even wore slippers at his wedding, as to suggest that he has reached “quiet and relaxed life.”

Trips, vacations, holidays, in short, everything related to the escape of ordinary life, is a special moment in peoples’ lives, when they want to feel like kings and queens even if only for a few days . If you were to choose a hotel, for example, you know that every day you’ll have a clean room, you do not have to cook or even set the table. Here the addition of accessories such as slippers, increase the degree of customer satisfaction. Clean, soft, comfortable, disposable slippers will create a psychological sense of well-being, which is associated with leisure, social status, and even celebrities.


Caractére Paris offers an interesting range of products to support owners and managers of establishments in the hotel and wellness industry. Among our customers we include cruise ships and yachts. The design of our products is very simple, therefore making it suitable for all types of circumstances.

Our best selling models:

 l_hotel_slippers_prestige_taupe  l_chau_pr_noir  l_chausson_slipper_nid_abeille_chateau_blanc_pantofflen  l_visuel-lune-abeille-6  t_business-slippers-white_web2
 t_cocooning-web-blue  l_chausson_blanc_open_closed_white_hotel_slipper_pantofflen  l_chausson_luxe_open_closed_black_slipper_pantofflen  l_chau_lx_kid_ang  pantofole monouso filp-flop




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