About Caractere Hostellerie UK

The official blog of Disposable-Linen.co.uk, a division of Caractère Paris. We manufacture disposable linens, towels, clothing and salon products. This blog was created to update our clients on new products and explain existing ones for the hotel, hostel, salon, spa, travel and tourism industries. For more information, please see our web site: http://disposable-linen.co.uk/

One thought on “About Caractere Hostellerie UK

  1. Dear Sirs.,

    I sent email on Oct 17th but did not have any reply.

    I checked your website but would like to confirm prices, payment and delivery (in London) of the following items:

    pack with 50 single linen sheets = 68,58
    pack with 200 pillow case = 123,29
    pack with 10 single duvet cover = 42,76
    pack with 25 towels = 51
    pack with 100 hand towels = 35

    Please inform the prices of double linen sheets and duvets.

    Email me at elaineaparecida@hotmail.com.

    Thanks and regards
    Elaine De Maria

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