Evacuation of the makeshift camps: what care?

Massive population displacement

The national media relayed the key figures given by the then Minister of Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve. Number of migrants displaced: 2318 on the first day, then 4014 by the evening of Tuesday, 25 October. The total count of buses and the list of the towns where the 450 French Reception and Orientation Centres (CAO in French) are located made the headlines. They flooded the ministerial press releases. But there are no mentions of the transport arrangements or the logistics deployed.

Yet, the logistical and administrative challenge remains in Calais and many other French towns. Every day in Calais, one or two migrants come to the dormitories of the Temporary Reception Centre (CAP in French), as states its director, Stéphane Duval.

During the evacuations, it was reported that associations such as La Sauvegarde and Solincité had to welcome men and women after very long bus journeys. In this case, the use of blankets, emergency sleeping bags or disposable linens is without doubt necessary. Industral businesses such as Caractère manufacture such emergency sleeping bags oremergency sleeping bags orproducts for the social sector.

Packaged to react efficiently to the toughest of situations, they meet the hygiene and safety standards in force. Thanks to their lifespan (from several days to several weeks depending on the range), they are totally adapted to the particular circumstances of mass displacement. Integrated in a welcome pack or a reception kit, they demonstrate the willingness of the state structures to offer the best possible welcome to those who fled their country and are considering administrative approaches to the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (OFPRA in French). In addition to the psychosocial dimension brought by user comfort, two other dimensions are to be considered.

A simplified logistics

Beyond the media and political challenges presented by the various issues (emergency reception, regularisation procedures, housing of asylum-seekers), the challenge is foremost logistical. At the time of departure from the camp, not only when organising the flow of refugees, but also and particularly at time of arrival in the CAO, logistics fully contributes to ensure a dignified reception. A solution to address the difficulties linked to late arrivals in the centres and the lack of equipment in the accommodation structures is to provide all bedding and toiletry linens at the time of departure from an informal camp such as Calais. This is particularly true for the newly built structures. This way, each person is treated fairly and receives new linens:

Arriving at the CAO, even late in the evening, it is then possible to settle quickly and take a shower before enjoying a well-deserved rest.

The guarantee of impeccable hygiene

The other advantage of the use of disposable linens is hygiene. The living conditions in the camps, in Calais for exemple, can be deplorable, particularly with regards to hygiene. “2 months on, the intensive use of the toilets causes damage to our facilities, declared an official for the Solidarités International organisation, the camp contains more than 3,000 people, it is therefore difficult to maintain the facilities in good condition given the frequency of their use and the lack of communal facilities maintenance”. It is therefore essential that refugees can use new and clean linens. If their clothes can be easily cleaned, it is not the case for bedding and towels. The use of disposable linens guarantees impeccable hygiene without the complexity of laundry processes.

Some of the Caractère products that may interest you:


Why is it important to use hygiene protection when wearing a 3D virtual reality headset?


The answer is easy and in the question: hygiene.

It is the easiest and certainly most effective way of limiting the spread of germs from one person to another.

It’s always better when it’s new and when it’s clean!

Bacteria, fungi and viruses do exist and our aim is to avoid spreading germs from one user to another.

Let’s use the virtual reality demonstrations at trade fairs or in showrooms as a perfect example.

The demonstrator gives you the headset that the previous person has just used, without even disinfecting it.

What do you think? Would you dare put it on your face?

The answer is easy.

To remedy this uncomfortable situation and to provide real and visible hygiene, the Caractere Paris Company has developed the disposable protection mask for 3D glasses and headsets.

Made from a technical non-woven fabric which is very soft, strong and as absorbent as cotton, the single-use mask provides a real and effective barrier between the 3D headset and the user’s face.

This prevents any contaminant from coming into contact with the face and from infecting a new user.

The nose, the forehead and around the eyes are completely protected.

The fabric used to produce the 3D disposable mask absorbs sebum and perspiration which can be caused by wearing 3D glasses.

In fact, certain 3D headsets do give off a bit of heat which causes some people to sweat. The mask is there to absorb the excess and bring maximum comfort.

It is important to note that wearing prescription glasses is completely compatible with the use of a hygiene mask for 3D headsets.

At trade fairs or showrooms, it is obviously the responsibility of the organiser or the training company to provide a new hygiene mask for each new presentation or training session. Many people do in fact refuse to put a 3D headset, that has not been disinfected beforehand or without a hygiene protection, on their faces.

It would be inappropriate and uneconomical for the organiser or the training centre to limit the number of demonstrations simply because hygiene hadn’t been properly considered.

Distributing the hygiene mask is made easy courtesy of the product’s packaging. In effect, the mask is supplied in a completely sealed bag. This proves to a new user that it has not been used before. It is what we refer to as visible hygiene, something which visitors are very conscious of.

The protection mask has been developed by the Caractere-Paris Company so that it adapts well to all faces, respecting the spacing of the eyes and different shapes of noses. Everybody is different; with an oval, square or round face, a wide or thin face… Many of these factors have been considered during the development of the mask in order to provide maximum hygiene and a high level of comfort for the user whilst avoiding any interference during the demonstration.

In fact, at events and training such as learning to fly drones, the trainees must wear a hygiene mask.

It is exactly the same at some very big international motor shows where some manufacturers offer driving demonstrations of new vehicles using 3D virtual reality.

The mask is easily unfolded and quickly and efficiently fitted to the face with the aid of an elastic strap. Once the protection mask is fitted to the face, all you have to do is place the 3D glasses or mask on your head.

Therefore, there is no lost time between two virtual reality demonstrations which, in effect, increases productivity of product presentations.

Why not try it!

This product is only available in one format. It comes in a box of 100 hygiene masks for 3D virtual reality headsets.

Remember that each mask is individually packaged to provide the user with real and visible hygiene.

Further information or specific requirements?

Visit the Caractere Paris web site to get information on availability and prices or send an e-mail to info@caractere-paris.com with any questions

You can always get in touch with the company by phone on
France :+33 01 49 89 01 83
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Commercial teams from each country will be happy to provide you with technical information and adapt to your specific requirements.


How to Get Out and About with an Incontinence Problem

People with illnesses and long term conditions often enjoy a day out or a few hours visiting friends. There are lots of ways of organising transport but inevitably one particular issue gets in the way. Needing to be close to a bathroom or having to be careful each time a person coughs can be highly embarrassing. However there are ways of enabling people to be more independent without losing their dignity.

Plan ahead

no-peeing-1174876-mOne of the best ways of avoiding problems is to plan ahead. Check out the public conveniences that will be en route and that the place you are visiting has an accessible bathroom. If you have a disabled person or someone who has continence problems through illness you can buy a special radar key from the local authority which gives a person access to public toilets when they are closed and avoids the charge to some facilities. Don’t forget to make frequent stops on a journey so the person can use bathrooms, avoid problems in the first place, and freshen up.

Use pads

Using an absorbent pad discretely can help avoid embarrassing situations with leaks andt_protege_fesse_alese_incontinance stains. This gives a person with continence problems confidence to travel with others and visit friends without causing an embarrassing problem. Absorbent seat covers can cope with around 15 cl of fluid loss and fit easily into wheelchairs without being too obvious what they are. They also work well on sofas, chairs, car seats, and more without being a problem. The upper side is made from 100% plant fibre so they are pleasant to sit on. There is a waterproof side which goes next to the seat and the softer side is for the person to sit next to as it is more comfortable. These covers also fold up really thin so it is easy to carry spares around discretely. And if they do get soiled they are easy to dispose of in the garbage.

Have a change of clothes

t_culotte_noireIf an accident does happen with soiling have a spare pair of clothes and underwear to hand so you can change into fresh items effortlessly. Using disposable panties when out and about is an easy way to freshen up quickly and dispose of the old pair in the garbage without carrying them around all day. That way you’ll enjoy a visit to somewhere special and keep independent.

Getting out and about with incontinence problems has never been easier with all these new products to help. By preparing beforehand and planning a day there are lots of ways that you can do the things you want to do without being embarrassed.

Making Dignity a Priority

from Caractère Paris

Plus sized Massage Panties

For a patient, having examinations can be one of the more unpleasant parts of going to the doctor. Apart from potentially uncomfortable procedures, many patients are embarrassed when having investigations, particularly when they are invasive. Whilst there are curtains and screens, for the patient the thought of being exposed is off-putting and scary. Even when hospitals and clinics consider dignity for patients and provide sheets, gowns and underwear they don’t get it right. Anyone who has ever worn a hospital gown that doesn’t tie at the back or is too small and leaves gaps will know the embarrassment of wearing them. Many of these gowns come in one size only and do not meet the needs of larger patients which leaves them exposed. And even when the clinic provides disposable underwear it is so small it barely covers anything and can make the situation worse.

But now there’s a practical solution for patients coming to clinic and who are in hospital. A new disposable panty has been launched which is comfortable and comes in different sizes. It is in black too which maximises discretion from stains and other mishaps. For the patient there is no worry about being able to cover their intimate parts or looking ridiculous in an ill-fitting pair of pants. There are sizes accommodating waist sizes up to 53 inches so making an obese patient feel uncomfortable and embarrassed is no longer an issue. The message this gives the patient is that you as a clinician have thought of them as an individual and addressed a very simple need.

The disposable panty can be used in clinics, hospitals, beauty salons and many other situations. It is ideal in urology clinics and for operating rooms. These panties are unisex so can be used by men and women alike. For people having orthopaedic surgery these work well and protect the patient from unnecessary exposure on ward rounds and in the operating room. Another advantage of the disposable panty is when there is likely to be some wound leakage or bodily fluid discharge. These panties save the patient getting their best underwear messed up and cover them well, even when they have catheters and other tubes and drains. They are perfect after giving birth too. As they are disposable there is no laundry to worry about and they can simply be thrown in the bin.

It is often the small touches that mean the most to the patients when they are ill or having tests. So using these disposable panties that actually fit is something that can put the patient at ease and avoid the embarrassing stereotypical hospital underwear scenario. After all, which one would you prefer if you were the patient in that position?

If you need more information please follow this link or contact Caractere +44 020 3608 1542


Giving Compassionate Care with Quality Bed Products

Giving Compassionate Care with Quality Bed Products
Sick Woman With A Cup Of Tea by marinDelivering high quality nursing care is fundamental to maintaining dignity, helping recovery, and preventing problems and complications. Care needs to be evidence based, efficient but given with compassion. Having access to effective solutions that give people their dignity are essential in today’s National Health Service. One of the simple solutions to a challenging nursing problem is the waterproof mattress pad cover which is a far more discreet product than those used several years ago.

In today’s NHS the patients being admitted to hospital and nursed in the community are increasingly complex. Many have one or more comorbidities and this sometimes leads to an increase in problems such as incontinence and bladder control.

Some patients choose to spend their final days at home but fear of dealing with continence problems is a barrier. As more and more patients are nursed in community settings, having practical solutions to hand helps the patient and their family be more independent.

A waterproof mattress pad cover is a practical and discreet way of managing problems with potential incontinence. These fit over a standard mattress and are really comfortable. They help deal with that fear of soiling a mattress or having continual sheets on the washing line. A thin layer of plastic helps keep the mattress dry but is not too heavy to be uncomfortable to sleep on. And the old days of noisy uncomfortable rubber sheets have gone with the newer products on the market.

For carers the burden of washing and ironing soiled sheets is eliminated because these are disposed of in waste bags or be recycled. They are easy to change and keep the patient dry which helps prevent chafing and pressure sores. The waterproof mattress pad protector can last for weeks depending on the amount of direct content and whether there is a layer between the patient and the cover.


l_drap-housse-nuideal-2There is also a luxurious product that is even cosier for patients called the Nuideal Mattress Cover.

By enabling care to be given in a compassionate and dignified way in the home a patient can be nursed in an environment of their choosing without the fear of smells and spillages. These mattress covers are a very practical solution and for the nursing staff it avoids having to move soiled linen to and from a care setting. This in turn gives more time to spend with patients and is an efficient way of working, especially when staff are challenged by their workloads.

For a dignified solution to an everyday problem the waterproof mattress pad cover can help patients, carers, and nursing staff provide high quality care to people in a very simple and efficient way.

How to Avoid Suffocation Risks while on Holiday: Disposable Sleeping Bags and Blankets for Babies

Caractere Hostellerie UK

Resorts, hotels, inns, motels and guest cottages generally don’t know what to provide to families with babies and young infants. Sheets and blankets are too large to be used in cribs. When folded, they can become too hot for the baby. What’s more, they can pose choking hazards to the baby in the middle of the night. Since infants have not yet developed the neck musculature of adults, in the case of near-suffocation, it’s not easy for them to adjust their sleeping position in order to be able to breathe. Improper bedding set-ups are the main contributor to why SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, occurs (unfortunately) relatively often in modern society.

from Caractère Paris

Some hoteliers hope parents will have brought their own baby linens and beds from home. Others provide a minimal level of comfort with a sheet or blanket, but do not have products specially made for small children. Clever…

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Sanitation, Comfort and Practicality: Disposable, Protective Covers for Headphones, Headsets, Earphones and Microphones

Caractere Hostellerie UK

The development of the computer, the television, the CD, film, the telephone and the seemingly infinitely expanding forms of media that exist today has revolutionized the way we learn and stay informed about the world around us. These inventions have similarly revolutionized libraries and commerce, in particular for sectors that specialize in media. Both saw the emergence of public listening stations and computers where users could sample the work of the artists that inspire and interest them. With the need for discretion, quiet and a personalized experience in these public places came the popularisation of public earphones. We all know, those dreadful things that, even a day after their purchase, always seem to smell and feel sweaty, oily and simply unclean.

Whether a pair of tiny earbuds that seem to disappear when one wears them, or the headset typically worn by a helicopter pilot, shared headphones are rarely a pleasure…

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