5 ways hotels can reduce the negative impact they have on the environment

In previous years, we were not as aware of the impact we generated on the environment and not many people changed their bad habits regarding this subject; whether it was simply because of laziness or the fact that regrettably, most organic products had a higher price than the non-organic ones (which is something that still happens).
Nowadays, this has changed and it’s become a priority for many people. This has also been reflected in the hotel industry, the reason behind this being: consumer loyalty, economical reasons and the destruction planet we were and still are causing. There are more than 1,000,000 hotels in the world, and if every hotel followed at least one of these suggestions we could start to see a change.

1: Implement alternative energy sources…
Many hotels have already switched their source of energy to an alternative one; Such as air, water … and they’ve seen very good results.


Hotel Hilton in Fortlauderdaler (FL; USA)

For example, there is a hotel in the United States that is using wind energy, with which they have managed to reduce their consumption by 12%. Hydropower could also be used, if the hotel is located near the sea or even solar energy can be used in places with warm climates. Fortunately, the alternative energy industry is growing more and more every day, which increases its affordability.


2: Do not waste water …
Each time we flush the toilet we use about 9 liters of water. A shower of 4 minutes, between 40 and 60 liters and if you leave the faucet open while you brush your teeth in the morning and at night at night, about 50 to 150 a day. Imagine the amount of daily, monthly or even annual water that can be wasted in a hotel … For this reason many products have been put on the market to help this cause such as toilets with reduced water capacity or faucets and showerheads with low flow.

3: Buy wholesale …
Buy wholesale, means fewer boxes to pack your products, less energy consumed and less carbon used to transport the merchandise. And as if that were not enough, this leads to obtaining greater and better discounts. In Character, we offer this option; Which benefits the customer and the environment at the same time.

4: Creating a garden …
Besides being aesthetically pleasing and it’s another service to offer the customers, the garden helps a lot to counteract the carbon footprint that the hotels leave in the environment. This space can be used to create a small park for children or by simply adding a few benches and some flowers, it can become a nice area where guests can relax and/or go for a walk.

5: Recycle …
One of the biggest impacts the hotels have is all the waste products they produce, even though many of the products inside the hotels are recyclable: paper, bottles, batteries …


It’s necessary to make a habit of recycling and to get all employees and customers to do it aswell. Our company Caractere Paris cares for the environment, and for this reason practically all our products are recyclable: from slippers to mattress protectors! It is very important to implement products like these in hotels, to make recycling even easier, and consequently to decrease the excuses one might have to not do so.






In short, these are just a few of the many ways hotels could reduce their impact on the environment. Providing a grain of sand, can change the world; contributing to make it a cleaner and more pleasant place to live.

How to Get Out and About with an Incontinence Problem

People with illnesses and long term conditions often enjoy a day out or a few hours visiting friends. There are lots of ways of organising transport but inevitably one particular issue gets in the way. Needing to be close to a bathroom or having to be careful each time a person coughs can be highly embarrassing. However there are ways of enabling people to be more independent without losing their dignity.

Plan ahead

no-peeing-1174876-mOne of the best ways of avoiding problems is to plan ahead. Check out the public conveniences that will be en route and that the place you are visiting has an accessible bathroom. If you have a disabled person or someone who has continence problems through illness you can buy a special radar key from the local authority which gives a person access to public toilets when they are closed and avoids the charge to some facilities. Don’t forget to make frequent stops on a journey so the person can use bathrooms, avoid problems in the first place, and freshen up.

Use pads

Using an absorbent pad discretely can help avoid embarrassing situations with leaks andt_protege_fesse_alese_incontinance stains. This gives a person with continence problems confidence to travel with others and visit friends without causing an embarrassing problem. Absorbent seat covers can cope with around 15 cl of fluid loss and fit easily into wheelchairs without being too obvious what they are. They also work well on sofas, chairs, car seats, and more without being a problem. The upper side is made from 100% plant fibre so they are pleasant to sit on. There is a waterproof side which goes next to the seat and the softer side is for the person to sit next to as it is more comfortable. These covers also fold up really thin so it is easy to carry spares around discretely. And if they do get soiled they are easy to dispose of in the garbage.

Have a change of clothes

t_culotte_noireIf an accident does happen with soiling have a spare pair of clothes and underwear to hand so you can change into fresh items effortlessly. Using disposable panties when out and about is an easy way to freshen up quickly and dispose of the old pair in the garbage without carrying them around all day. That way you’ll enjoy a visit to somewhere special and keep independent.

Getting out and about with incontinence problems has never been easier with all these new products to help. By preparing beforehand and planning a day there are lots of ways that you can do the things you want to do without being embarrassed.