Disposable Bedroom Linen and Bathroom Linen- When to use it, and Why.

Hygiene- Uniqueness – Gratification- Why disposable linen is a good alternative to the traditional bedding, bathrobe and towels, on holiday, at home and in hotel.



Non-woven fabric is a type of material that allows multiple and different uses. One of these is related to the production of disposable products for bedroom and bathroom, but when is the use of disposable linen is appropriate? And why could it be more convenient?

First of all, it does not need to be washed or ironed, this is in itself a great advantage in terms of time saving. On vacation, for example, the last thing we think about is having to wash dirty linen, and once we go back home, the last thing we want to do is to wash the dirty linen.

In addition to this advantage, there are others such as hygiene: individually packaged, these products are always brand-new, you will be the only ones to use them. This, produces a feeling of well-being derived from knowing that you are using a new bathrobe, kimono or towel. This feeling is a psychological factor that gratifies the user and makes any stay more comfortable, whether the stay is for holidays or for healing purposes, in a hotel, spa or a clinic.

For these reasons, spa, hotels and touristic facilities that offer this alternative, will have the advantage of gifting their guests a sensation of gratification, while families or individuals who choose to use disposable linen on holiday, as well as hygiene and well-being, will have more room in the suitcases for gifts and souvenirs.


Non-woven fabric is obtained through a special process. Online you will find a lot of technical explanations, from Wikipedia to the sites of non woven fabric producers. For the purpose of this article we find that non woven fabric differs in grams and fiber, in fact it can be made of polypropylene, viscose and other material, it can also vary in weight. The types of products we are referring to, generally weight 18gr, 25gr, up to 50g. Other relevant characteristics are waterproofness, breathability, ability to absorb water, and color.

  • Waterproofness: a feature especially required for mattress protectors, particularly suitable for children and adults with incontinence. Especially suitable for residential care home, but also for younger guests.

  • Breathability: an appropriate feature for bed sheets and mattress covers. This feature, generally makes the fabric smoother and therefore quieter. Especially suitable for hotels, holiday homes.

  • Ability to absorb water: towels and bathrobes for spa, hotels and holiday homes.

  • Color: colors have a psychological effect on people, for example white conveys a feeling of hygiene and purity; Blue, induces a state of meditation and conveys a sensation of tranquility. Colors also reflect a social function sometimes indicates work categories, for example in hospitals we recognize nurses by doctors through the color they wear.



Different features will adapt to different purposes. Let’s take as an example the bathrobes/kimono.

When the purpose is to temporarily protect a person from dust or hair (e.g. hairdressers) or move a patient from one room to another (e.g. in a clinic, a hospital, an residential care home) a lightweight robe, polypropylene fiber, and blue color, to give a feeling of tranquility, might be the best choice.

For spas, hotels, holiday homes, sport retreats, when the purpose is to absorb water, the bathrobe should be of a heavier, viscose fiber for its absorbent ability, and of white color, to give a feeling of hygiene and purity.

Ultimately, among the many uses of non-woven fabric, the one designed to make the vacation or any kind of temporary stays more comfortable and pleasant is the main reason why disposable linen is a valid and good alternative to traditional linen.


Note that all Caractere Paris products made of non-woven fabric are 100% recyclable


Happy Feet at the Spa, Salon, Resort and Hotel: Disposable Slippers Save the Day

Over the last few years, a new invention has improved sanitation and simplified logistics for spa, pool, resort and hotel owners: deploying disposable sandals, slippers and flip-flops in daily operations.

With spa treatments more popular than ever, such as tanning, massages, yoga classes and chic wellness wraps (who hasn’t been tempted by the idea of a seaweed and cucumber “mummy” wrap?), owners need practical solutions to ensure consistent hygiene and cleanliness in their establishments.

Diseases such as Athlete’s Foot (also known as Ringworm of the Foot or Hong Kong Foot in other parts of the world) prosper in humid and warm environments, like those typically found in spas, saunas, showers, locker rooms and around pools.

In severe cases or for those with compromised immune systems, this disease can progress to the point of necessitating treatment with an oral anti-biotic.

Since vacation and spa businesses see a constant change of clientèle, transmission of inflections like athlete’s foot can happen in an instant, yet tarnish the reputation of your institution for a lifetime.

Two options remain for property owners and managers: either let their guests become infected, which ruins their visit, or provide sandals and slippers to prevent the spread of disease and creation of unsanitary conditions.

For many owners, providing a pair of reusable slippers or sandals to each client can prove cost prohibitive and wasteful. To save the image of your business and your pocketbook, Caractère Paris  offers a wide range of disposable solutions, from open to closed toed, and basic to luxury, both in black and white, with the option to add an embroidered, customized logo.

The Basic line of Disposable Slippers has everything your clients could want and nothing they don’t need. Intended for use in budget and moderately priced establishments, these slippers, available in white, are made with a soft, non-woven material that comforts the foot from both below and above as the client walks. These slippers can be purchased in either closed or open toe format.

Breathable holes in the surface of the sole allow the foot to dry quickly, which prevents the accumulation of smelly bacteria and stays clean.

The underside is coated with a criss-cross, rubberized anti-slip pattern that prevents falls, even on soaked tiles and pool decks.

Available in both open and closed toe models, these sandals include a thin level of padding under the foot to make their wear comfortable. In fact, given the breathable design and their top quality fabrication, one pair can be worn for several days or even weeks, depending on the client’s preferences.

Salons and spas can decide on their own either to provide these slippers for free or sell them to clients for a slight profit.

Higher end establishments will likely opt for the luxury line of slippers, available in both black and white, and either a closed or open toe.

In the Luxury line, the non-woven fabric of the basic model is replaced by an extra soft, sponge-y mousse made of microfibre loops.

The end result is a delicate and enjoyable touch for the skin.

Of course the undersides come with the same anti-slip properties as the basics, but the upper side of the soles are twice as thick, with extra layers of padding that guarantee a comfortable walk over long distances.

In addition to a higher quality sole, the strap has been reinforced and the nonwoven tissue replaced with a double-layer of the spongey microfibre material.

Discerning clients will be able to tell the difference between the luxury line and the basic disposable slipper because of the design, the feel and the speed at which their feet dry in the extra absorbant terry cloth material.

These slippers look and feel like the reusable ones that normally cost ten times as much, but their disposable nature makes them available to you and your guests at a fraction of the normal price.

Spas and salons can decide how they want to distribute the slippers independently, either as a welcome gift or with a slight charge to add to the client’s bill.

Either way, once they’ve taken a step in the Luxury Line slippers, your customers will thank you for choosing quality over quantity.

While the Basic line is only available in white, the luxury line comes with a wide variety of options.

These include the two colors, black or white; the choice to embroider a customized logo; and also the recent arrival of a Children’s size; all available with either open or closed toed ends.

Hotel, resort and spa owners know that reputation can make the difference between a floundering and a flourishing business. By providing the correct conditions and amenities, a one-time visitor who denounces their experience to their friends and family, can be transformed into a loyal return customer, who also functions as free advertising by recommending the location to his or her family and friends. Help grow your business by paying attention to details and gain back on your investment.