Disposable Bedroom Linen and Bathroom Linen- When to use it, and Why.

Hygiene- Uniqueness – Gratification- Why disposable linen is a good alternative to the traditional bedding, bathrobe and towels, on holiday, at home and in hotel.



Non-woven fabric is a type of material that allows multiple and different uses. One of these is related to the production of disposable products for bedroom and bathroom, but when is the use of disposable linen is appropriate? And why could it be more convenient?

First of all, it does not need to be washed or ironed, this is in itself a great advantage in terms of time saving. On vacation, for example, the last thing we think about is having to wash dirty linen, and once we go back home, the last thing we want to do is to wash the dirty linen.

In addition to this advantage, there are others such as hygiene: individually packaged, these products are always brand-new, you will be the only ones to use them. This, produces a feeling of well-being derived from knowing that you are using a new bathrobe, kimono or towel. This feeling is a psychological factor that gratifies the user and makes any stay more comfortable, whether the stay is for holidays or for healing purposes, in a hotel, spa or a clinic.

For these reasons, spa, hotels and touristic facilities that offer this alternative, will have the advantage of gifting their guests a sensation of gratification, while families or individuals who choose to use disposable linen on holiday, as well as hygiene and well-being, will have more room in the suitcases for gifts and souvenirs.


Non-woven fabric is obtained through a special process. Online you will find a lot of technical explanations, from Wikipedia to the sites of non woven fabric producers. For the purpose of this article we find that non woven fabric differs in grams and fiber, in fact it can be made of polypropylene, viscose and other material, it can also vary in weight. The types of products we are referring to, generally weight 18gr, 25gr, up to 50g. Other relevant characteristics are waterproofness, breathability, ability to absorb water, and color.

  • Waterproofness: a feature especially required for mattress protectors, particularly suitable for children and adults with incontinence. Especially suitable for residential care home, but also for younger guests.

  • Breathability: an appropriate feature for bed sheets and mattress covers. This feature, generally makes the fabric smoother and therefore quieter. Especially suitable for hotels, holiday homes.

  • Ability to absorb water: towels and bathrobes for spa, hotels and holiday homes.

  • Color: colors have a psychological effect on people, for example white conveys a feeling of hygiene and purity; Blue, induces a state of meditation and conveys a sensation of tranquility. Colors also reflect a social function sometimes indicates work categories, for example in hospitals we recognize nurses by doctors through the color they wear.



Different features will adapt to different purposes. Let’s take as an example the bathrobes/kimono.

When the purpose is to temporarily protect a person from dust or hair (e.g. hairdressers) or move a patient from one room to another (e.g. in a clinic, a hospital, an residential care home) a lightweight robe, polypropylene fiber, and blue color, to give a feeling of tranquility, might be the best choice.

For spas, hotels, holiday homes, sport retreats, when the purpose is to absorb water, the bathrobe should be of a heavier, viscose fiber for its absorbent ability, and of white color, to give a feeling of hygiene and purity.

Ultimately, among the many uses of non-woven fabric, the one designed to make the vacation or any kind of temporary stays more comfortable and pleasant is the main reason why disposable linen is a valid and good alternative to traditional linen.


Note that all Caractere Paris products made of non-woven fabric are 100% recyclable


How to Get Out and About with an Incontinence Problem

People with illnesses and long term conditions often enjoy a day out or a few hours visiting friends. There are lots of ways of organising transport but inevitably one particular issue gets in the way. Needing to be close to a bathroom or having to be careful each time a person coughs can be highly embarrassing. However there are ways of enabling people to be more independent without losing their dignity.

Plan ahead

no-peeing-1174876-mOne of the best ways of avoiding problems is to plan ahead. Check out the public conveniences that will be en route and that the place you are visiting has an accessible bathroom. If you have a disabled person or someone who has continence problems through illness you can buy a special radar key from the local authority which gives a person access to public toilets when they are closed and avoids the charge to some facilities. Don’t forget to make frequent stops on a journey so the person can use bathrooms, avoid problems in the first place, and freshen up.

Use pads

Using an absorbent pad discretely can help avoid embarrassing situations with leaks andt_protege_fesse_alese_incontinance stains. This gives a person with continence problems confidence to travel with others and visit friends without causing an embarrassing problem. Absorbent seat covers can cope with around 15 cl of fluid loss and fit easily into wheelchairs without being too obvious what they are. They also work well on sofas, chairs, car seats, and more without being a problem. The upper side is made from 100% plant fibre so they are pleasant to sit on. There is a waterproof side which goes next to the seat and the softer side is for the person to sit next to as it is more comfortable. These covers also fold up really thin so it is easy to carry spares around discretely. And if they do get soiled they are easy to dispose of in the garbage.

Have a change of clothes

t_culotte_noireIf an accident does happen with soiling have a spare pair of clothes and underwear to hand so you can change into fresh items effortlessly. Using disposable panties when out and about is an easy way to freshen up quickly and dispose of the old pair in the garbage without carrying them around all day. That way you’ll enjoy a visit to somewhere special and keep independent.

Getting out and about with incontinence problems has never been easier with all these new products to help. By preparing beforehand and planning a day there are lots of ways that you can do the things you want to do without being embarrassed.