Why Use Disposable Mattress Protectors:

l_drap-housse-nuitranquille-3Mattress protectors are an essential product in each and every hotel room. Why? To guarantee the customers hygiene. Without it, they could come in contact with possible stains or even hairs that could´ve gotten embedded in the mattress.

The vast majority, if not all hotels use them. That’s not the problem, the problem is that there are hotels that still use reusable mattress protectors.

You´re probably wondering what’s wrong with using a reusable one, since they’ve always been used. In response to this, I’m pleased to inform you that there are several advantages: time, due to the fact that instead of having to wash them, you would just recycle them after they’ve been used; Hygiene, our disposable mattress protectors can last for months without having to be changed and it remains 100% clean thanks to the material it’s made out of, which by the way is waterproof; and another great advantage, that perhaps for many will be the most important …. THEY’RE CHEAPER.

At first you might think that having to buy them several times a year would be more expensive than buying them only once. But what about the expenses or problems that washing them can cause?

It wouldn’t seem so, but these expenses add up, especially if in your hotel the bed linen is washed daily, which is the case for most. Normally the mattress protectors come with an elastic to allow it to adjust to the bed. This causes a big problem, the tumble dryer has to be set at low temperatures (which is more expensive), otherwise it has to be  dried outdoors, which is a waste of time and space.

Many will think that perhaps this is false, but if you really look at your laundry bills you will realize it is in fact true, this is what ACCOR hotels in France realized and they’ve been customers of ours for many years.

Everyone wants to save money, if you have it so easy and readily available… what’s stopping you?


Disposable Bedroom Linen and Bathroom Linen- When to use it, and Why.

Hygiene- Uniqueness – Gratification- Why disposable linen is a good alternative to the traditional bedding, bathrobe and towels, on holiday, at home and in hotel.



Non-woven fabric is a type of material that allows multiple and different uses. One of these is related to the production of disposable products for bedroom and bathroom, but when is the use of disposable linen is appropriate? And why could it be more convenient?

First of all, it does not need to be washed or ironed, this is in itself a great advantage in terms of time saving. On vacation, for example, the last thing we think about is having to wash dirty linen, and once we go back home, the last thing we want to do is to wash the dirty linen.

In addition to this advantage, there are others such as hygiene: individually packaged, these products are always brand-new, you will be the only ones to use them. This, produces a feeling of well-being derived from knowing that you are using a new bathrobe, kimono or towel. This feeling is a psychological factor that gratifies the user and makes any stay more comfortable, whether the stay is for holidays or for healing purposes, in a hotel, spa or a clinic.

For these reasons, spa, hotels and touristic facilities that offer this alternative, will have the advantage of gifting their guests a sensation of gratification, while families or individuals who choose to use disposable linen on holiday, as well as hygiene and well-being, will have more room in the suitcases for gifts and souvenirs.


Non-woven fabric is obtained through a special process. Online you will find a lot of technical explanations, from Wikipedia to the sites of non woven fabric producers. For the purpose of this article we find that non woven fabric differs in grams and fiber, in fact it can be made of polypropylene, viscose and other material, it can also vary in weight. The types of products we are referring to, generally weight 18gr, 25gr, up to 50g. Other relevant characteristics are waterproofness, breathability, ability to absorb water, and color.

  • Waterproofness: a feature especially required for mattress protectors, particularly suitable for children and adults with incontinence. Especially suitable for residential care home, but also for younger guests.

  • Breathability: an appropriate feature for bed sheets and mattress covers. This feature, generally makes the fabric smoother and therefore quieter. Especially suitable for hotels, holiday homes.

  • Ability to absorb water: towels and bathrobes for spa, hotels and holiday homes.

  • Color: colors have a psychological effect on people, for example white conveys a feeling of hygiene and purity; Blue, induces a state of meditation and conveys a sensation of tranquility. Colors also reflect a social function sometimes indicates work categories, for example in hospitals we recognize nurses by doctors through the color they wear.



Different features will adapt to different purposes. Let’s take as an example the bathrobes/kimono.

When the purpose is to temporarily protect a person from dust or hair (e.g. hairdressers) or move a patient from one room to another (e.g. in a clinic, a hospital, an residential care home) a lightweight robe, polypropylene fiber, and blue color, to give a feeling of tranquility, might be the best choice.

For spas, hotels, holiday homes, sport retreats, when the purpose is to absorb water, the bathrobe should be of a heavier, viscose fiber for its absorbent ability, and of white color, to give a feeling of hygiene and purity.

Ultimately, among the many uses of non-woven fabric, the one designed to make the vacation or any kind of temporary stays more comfortable and pleasant is the main reason why disposable linen is a valid and good alternative to traditional linen.


Note that all Caractere Paris products made of non-woven fabric are 100% recyclable

From the Bed to the Aisle, or How Mattress Covers Became Wedding Ceremony Material

Normally people use mattress covers for an added layer of comfort when sleeping, or to protect a bed from spills, urine and odours, correct? Well, one of our inventive clients came across a brilliant idea last year, to party with our mattress covers!

from Caractère Paris

Flat Mattress Cover

No, she isn’t crazy, although her idea may seem so at first glance. More specifically, she decided to use the mattress pad covers as seat covers for a wedding.

With a penchant for fun and creative ideas, Parisian professional event planner Christine Lecombre ( http://asvdeco.wifeo.com/ ) demonstrated an innovative and inventive solution for today’s weddings. Hired by a bride-to-be without the means to spare on extra expenses, Christine was instructed to find a way to make the community centre where the wedding would be held look more appropriate for the event. The design of the building itself was modern, which didn’t bug the bride horribly, but the style of chairs seemed the most out of place and bothered her — a not very aesthetically pleasing plastic  typical of the 1970s. If Christine could find a solution to cover the chairs, and quick, the wedding would be a hit, and the day would be one the couple would never forget. If not, Christine might have lost the job and the couple would have fonder memories of their honeymoon than the actual ceremony.

from Caractère Paris

Wedding Ceremony Seat Covers

Luckily, Christine stumbled upon Caractère’s disposable flat mattress pad sheet covers just in time for the big day. The single/twin size covers were the ideal size and shape for the chairs. Their soft, breathable material made the wedding significantly more comfortable for the guests. As an added bonus, since Cristine had 100 chairs to cover, by purchasing two sets of 50 covers in bulk she saved roughly £20 over five sets of 20 sheets. Every little bit helps when planning events on a budget! The bride’s parents were surprised by how quickly, easily and affordably Christine was capable of adapting the room to the event. Finally, you can rest assured the bride loved Christine’s economical and elegant solution. Plus, the sheets are 100% recyclable, so there was no feelings of guilt about damaging the environment.

As they say, imagination is power. At Caractère, we (and our clients) discover new uses for our products on a daily basis. Our site is specially designed for customers in the UK and Ireland, with the choice to view prices in either Pounds or Euros. Given our proximity across the Channel, our products will arrive to your doorstep in 48 to 72 hours.  Click here for more information about our flat mattress protection sheet covers, now also known as emergency wedding chair covers, and other products.