Client Feedback for the Disposable Protective Headphone Cover

Recently, we received an email from a client that reflects how almost everyone feels about the usefulness of our protective headphone covers.

To: Caractère Paris
From: L. D. L.
Date: March 27, 2011
Subject: Protective Covers for Headsets

Disposable earphone and headphone covers

For years, I have been looking for sanitary headphone protectors exactly like the ones I ordered from Caractère. In fact, I manage a training room equipped with telephones that use microphone and headphone attachments. Nothing could sound more mundane, am I right? However, over the years, they’ve become very well-known amongst the children here that know even the adult students have begun using them in my classes.
We inicially purchased them after several complaints from our interns over the course of a few months, there was a lice epidemic. It turns out that yes, the infestation was due to our headsets and microphones.

Confirmation of these suspicions came from a closer inspection of the headphones, and more specifically, their design.

The earphones came with a faux leather and foam pad to increase their comfort. It is very easy to imagine that when students placed the earphones on their heads, they “harvested” a few of the nasty creatures, and in the process slowly transferred them from one student to the next. Once I figured out the cause of the problem, I had to quickly find a solution.


My first impulse was to buy an anti-lice disinfectant spray to instantly annihilate the pests on the headphones. After a few phases of trial and error, I realised this was probably not the best idea. The spray acts as a corrosive to the foam ear phone pads and eventually eats through them.

So, I scoured the internet to see if anyone sold disposable headphone covers, with the disposable part of the protection essential given the nature of our media centre’s issues.

My idea was to provide each student with a pair of headphone protectors at the beginning of the session that he or she could use throughout the day and then discard on the way out of the training room.

Over the years, due to the gradual wear and tear of the equipment, the room had become equipped with a wide variety of headsets from different manufacturers, of course in various shapes and designs. This problem was multiplied by four when one factored in the four different earpiece sizes in the room.


So, I did an Internet search to find the ideal sanitary protection cover for this assortment of headphones. A few clicks later, voila, I discovered Caractère, a French manufacturer that makes a wide range of disposable covers for headphone earpieces and microphones. After inquiring about their availability and measuring the sizes of my headphones,

I was beyond happy to discover they make the covers available in six different sizes and two colours, black and white. Still hesitant about the possibility of having found a fix this quickly and easily, I asked them to send samples to ensure they would work.

After receiving the samples, which fit perfectly, I was convinced and placed my first order. The protective covers come wrapped in pairs in small, individually sealed bags, with what must have been a hundred pairs of covers per box. Since then, I’ve been using these protectors for the centre’s headsets for a year and a half, and I am very satisfied (not to mention, so are the students!) that the lice issue was finally solved.


Remaining in close contact with the manufacturer, I asked if they could provide a similar form of protection for microphones. We needed disposable protectors that could be added on top of the foam of the microphone attachments without causing any audio distortion. Of course, there is a very wide variety of microphone designs and sizes.

I found out that a bulk custom order of 5000 pieces was their minimum quantity, but since it was too large a quantity our needs, we opted for a newly developed microphone sanitation spray that can effectively disinfect microphone foam without damaging it. The anti-bacterial, fungicidal and anti-viral spray is also certified for food contact, which means the user can put his or her lips on the foam without any concerns for its effects on health or wellness. The case is now closed, and we’ve finally found the ideal solutions to our headphone and microphone problems, thanks to Caractère.

Finally, here is a short video we made about how to choose the right size of Disposable Headphone Protector before you order.

How to Avoid Suffocation Risks while on Holiday: Disposable Sleeping Bags and Blankets for Babies

Resorts, hotels, inns, motels and guest cottages generally don’t know what to provide to families with babies and young infants, since sheets and blankets are too large to be used in cribs. When folded, they can become cause too much warmth for the baby.

What’s more, they can pose as choking hazards to the baby in the middle of the night. Since infants have not yet developed the neck musculature of adults, in the case of near-suffocation, it’s not easy for them to adjust their sleeping position in order to be able to breathe. Improper bedding set-ups are the main contributor to why SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, occurs (unfortunately) relatively often in modern society.

It’s a terrifying thought, for this reason Caractere Paris has created a line of products made for the little ones, to make their stay as comfortable as possible:

Some hoteliers hope parents will have brought their own baby linens and beds from home. Others provide a minimal level of comfort with a sheet or blanket, but do not have products specially made for small children. Clever property owners and managers know from Caractère Paristhat the lack of specialty products in this domain means an ideal opportunity to out-smart the competition.

Disposable Linen offers a new product, the disposable baby-sized sleeping bag, the perfect solution for both parents and hotels. A soft layer of fabric envelopes the baby without smothering him or her, retaining the perfect amount of heat on a chilly night while remaining breathable during the summer.

The shape conforms to the baby’s body while eliminating all choking hazards: no dangerous pillows, no oversized sheets, no thick duvets. Instead, the parents will have a happy baby in one simple step, with one sole product.



They make for a lovely welcome gift that will surprise parents by the thoughtfulness behind it. Its low price makes it an affordable bonus to offer to certain families. Client testimonials praise this product for its stylish, well-planned design and quality construction. Many luxury hotels in Paris have made the sleeping bag their exclusive gifts to guests with young children, but the sleeping bags remain accessible in terms of price to every type of lodging.

Of course, if profits are the main concern, the reception can charge a small fee for distribution. Either way, parents often appreciate the sleeping sack much more than a simple, useless Teddy bear or doll.

While they aren’t intended to be washed, the nonwoven fabric will endure for several months. In fact, the child usually outgrows the sleeping bag before it deteriorates or the parents decide to throw it out. It’s a versatile product with two adjustable sizes, intended for children from a few weeks old to 18 months.

The bow ties are available in six colours, one for every parent and child’s preferences imaginable. Allergy problems are avoided because the nonwoven fabric is hypoallergenic. The individual wrapping guarantees the cleanliness of the product with every use. Special touches like this gift will help develop and retain clientele who understand you care about their well-being, in addition to booking rates.

For this and other products for babies, please visit Disposable Linen’s Baby Care website.

Hoteliers: Where do you see yourself in 2030?

This question is surprising … but you may have been asked this during your job interview. What about the hotel rooms? How will they be?

AccorHotel Benelux has traveled back in time, immersing us in a typical room of each decade of this last century … concluding with how they see their rooms being in 2030. Patrick Kooiman, editor in the interior architecture magazine, invites us to go through time in a hotel room, until we discover what it could be like in a decade.

First observation: there is always a bed, sheets and lighting!
The rest ? It has evolved with time to match the ever-changing innovations and lifestyles present in the world.

Here’s a brief decryption:

The bed
The beds haven’t made a significant change overall, mainly just aesthetically. We can call them small details:

– The mattress above all: foam, spring, evolutionary materials with memory shape, etc.
– The bed bases aswell: from the simple wooden boards to the metal slats, having passed through the bedsprings during the evolution process.
The bedsheets, which were first plasticized and noisy, are now replaced by breathable and disposable non-woven fabrics guaranteeing perfect hygiene.
The pillow cases have undergone the same evolution.
The mattress protectors, having first been used in the high-end hotels, then the use of which has become popular even in IBIS hotels.


But some details have been very notorious, such as reclining mattresses. It seems as though there is still much to be done to improve the customer experience regarding the furniture, which remains the most important part of a hotel room.


In regards to the bed linen, which they way it’s evolving we will get tons of improvement on hygiene and comfort with time, although it’s already advanced a great deal.

Beds could be made more quickly, to avoid, for example, problems of crumpled sheets or stains on mattress protectors.
Caractere Paris works continuously to improve the fabrics with innovations such as sheets and pillowcases in Vylex.


The lighting
Oil lamps, which were once difficult to maintain turned on, were replaced by bulbs and other LEDs, coupled with state-of-the-art control systems. You can light them with a simple click or from your mobile phone, and you can even vary the intensity to your liking.
A certain Belmondo had already imagined this system in the 1970s, by the way.


Telephone and TV
The telephone, already present in the first room, and television, which was introduced in 1950, will undergo many transformations. Omnipresent these days, they will disappear in the rooms of the future to be one and the same device: an interactive screen covering all the walls. Images replace mirrors and augmented reality will give you access to a multitude of services!


What about the coffee machine? If you find it tell us it, it disappeared in 2030.The first coffee service appeared on the table in 1950 and has evolved to the present day.We searched, but apart from a tap next to two cups, we saw nothing … How did Patrick Kooiman imagine the thing? Mystery. If you have an explanation, we’re here to listen!


This vision of architect is beautiful and interesting but how will the hotel and its staff evolve?
Tell us how you see your role in the hotel of tomorrow! Leave us your comments, we love reading them!

Hairdressers!: What annoys you most about your clients.

This goes out to all the hairdressers, you really deserve a reward…

You do your best to always maintain your good mood and a smile with all your clients, but alas, sometimes it’s impossible!
We interviewed some hairdressers, asking them what it is that irritates them the most about their clients. Here are some of their funny confessions:

The ones that are always late: this is by far your worst client. When they finally arrive, half an hour later (IF they arrive),they act as if nothing had happened by saying “Aaaah, finally I can get my hair done. Well … shall we start?!”.

The impossible challenge: “You are such a magician. You can do everything, I’m sure.” And they proceed to ask you to give them a style in one hour, which they say in a magazine which took half a day to do (and so many days of practicing it). Obviously, it’s a fail, and when they see the result, the client is quick to make bring your reputation to the floor.

giphy (9)
The ones with no shame: “Helloo, darling! Wait a moment … Can you can turn off that hair dryer? I can’t hear anything. Some of us are trying to work here! “.

The torture: Eating a pizza or a hamburger while you are doing their hair and you have not eaten since 8 in the morning. Youtry telling them that the ketchup will catch on the flyaways, but they don’t quite get the memo.

Shameless liars: After having massacred their own hair, your client launches a “This fringe, never in my life would I touch it”, “I think it is the formulation of my new shampoo is giving me weird undertones” or even “It was my friend Nancy, who suggested I put in 1 or 2 extensions.

Creepy crawlers: The dreadful moment when you see little insects running wild on the cute little blondes head. And when you discreetly talk about it to their mother, she asks you what you learnt at school, if didn’t know how to deal with this ‘small’ problem: “Then ehat are all these combs used for? “. Well ma’am, certainly not what you’re suggesting.

The naive ones: The customers who quietly announce that they have a stomach problems and who, instead of staying at home, come to share the consequences.

The witness: The husband of the client, in the process of divorce, asks you to testify before the judge because he’s convinced that his wife confessed some of her secrets on multiple occasions. “Her therapist can not testify because he’s a real professional and he’s under medical secrecy, you know.”

What about you? There’s no doubt you have an anecdote or two to share: feel free to add them as comments. We’d love to hear about them!

And to avoid certain inconveniences, Character Coif’hygiene manufactures products that improve the hygiene of the hairdressing world:
– disposable towel. Grand Hygiene Award at MCB
– the coloring cape
the disposable bathrobe
the disinfectant wipe …

Find our products on
Do not hesitate to contact us +44 (0) 20 3608 1542 we will be happy to answer your questions and help you with your choices!

Quality in hotel rooms

The most important things that a hotel can offer its guests are quality, comfort, security and happiness. Since this is what this is what clients are looking for when staying in the establishment, whether its for leisure or business. Any hotel technique or strategy have this as the fundamental base for the success of the hotel, maintaining its clientele and providing a high level of service, without this nobody would want to stay in the accommodation.

The hotel sector and tourism in general have developed a lot and have gained much relevance in recent years, becoming important sources of income for many countries. Forcing them to be more and more meticulous and retailers to be the best before the competition.

One of the most important points that define the quality of hotels is the following:

– The services provided – With this I mean the ‘extras’ offered by the hotel to please the client and create a pleasant atmosphere for him, among these can be found: swimming pools, spas, restaurants, good cleaning …

7373426086_8d0e8cd4a5_z (1)Within this most important thing is undoubtedly the room and the state in which the hotel presents it, since it is where the guest will spend the most time and what will mark him the most whether its positive or negative. They must be designed and furnished so that they can reflect the harmony in the facilities, they must be clean, have good lighting and use good quality products.

There are also many types of rooms, which are made to fit the different needs and circumstances of each one; single, double, business, for families with babies, etc.

As I mentioned before, the cleanliness of the hotel is essentialdue to the fact that guests come to spend a pleasant time, and should not be let down. They define their needs and suppliers work to achieve those objectives; hotels need to adapt to it and be in a constant development of services and / or products that help to improve the quality.

A great innovation in the industry is our disposable bedding that is being widely used in European countries. This bed linen ensures an ideal hygiene, that the client feels more secure since he is and will be the only one to use them and it’s less expensive since you will not have to be spending neither laundry products, the manual labor nor in the washes themselves. You can’t go wrong with them!

You can go to our website clicking HERE to discover all our products.

Slippers for hotels, slippers for hostels, flip-flops for the pool and spa .. The disposable footwear suitable for every occasion.


Slippers are increasingly being requested by hotel and B&B guests. The aforementioned being a very particular object in the history of footwear. The terms “slipper” and “flip flops” are often used refering to the same thing: footwear for rooms and / or homes. The key difference is that slippers are close-toed and flip-flops are open-toed.

When a customer finds slippers in the room where they will reside, they feel welcomed. Where does this feeling come from? The history behind this is fascinating, and also explains why they are so requested by the guests.

The slippers were always an obsession of many kings / queens and intellectuals; For example, it is said that Marie Antoinette possessed more than 500 pairs and the Empress Josefina Bonaparte, is said to have liked her slippers so much that she unconsciously used them at all times, breaking them after the excessive wear, causing her shoemaker to complain. This shoe, in fact, is not made for walking outdoors, but to stay at home, it is a shoe for leisure, resting and even intimacy. For centuries it has been a symbol of social distinction, which later became a sign of the intellectual elite, Gabiele d’Annunzio, for example, was the first to use it outside the home, and then became a fascinating and peculiar symbol to successful men like David Bowie; Flavio Briatore even wore slippers at his wedding, as to suggest that he has reached “quiet and relaxed life.”

Trips, vacations, holidays, in short, everything related to the escape of ordinary life, is a special moment in peoples’ lives, when they want to feel like kings and queens even if only for a few days . If you were to choose a hotel, for example, you know that every day you’ll have a clean room, you do not have to cook or even set the table. Here the addition of accessories such as slippers, increase the degree of customer satisfaction. Clean, soft, comfortable, disposable slippers will create a psychological sense of well-being, which is associated with leisure, social status, and even celebrities.


Caractére Paris offers an interesting range of products to support owners and managers of establishments in the hotel and wellness industry. Among our customers we include cruise ships and yachts. The design of our products is very simple, therefore making it suitable for all types of circumstances.

Our best selling models:

 l_hotel_slippers_prestige_taupe  l_chau_pr_noir  l_chausson_slipper_nid_abeille_chateau_blanc_pantofflen  l_visuel-lune-abeille-6  t_business-slippers-white_web2
 t_cocooning-web-blue  l_chausson_blanc_open_closed_white_hotel_slipper_pantofflen  l_chausson_luxe_open_closed_black_slipper_pantofflen  l_chau_lx_kid_ang  pantofole monouso filp-flop



Products for spas, massage centers, spas. Disposable vs reusable.

Caractére Paris produces and distributes a wide range of products dedicated to the needs of health centers, spas, hairdressers…
Mainly, there are two kinds of products, disposable / semi-resistant and reusable. Disposable products are made of non-woven fabric, and those that are durable are made from microfiber, both made with the best technology available on the market.



Disposable linen for massages: Ideal for massages that use oil or mud, and situations where it is often necessary to use disposable products, since these types of products are very difficult to eliminate. For this reason, Caractere proposes an economic fabric, ultra soft and absorbent, with a mixed composition. Particularly adapted for Ayurvedic massages, in which large quantities of oils are used.





Microfiber Towels: The microfiber absorbs up to 4 times more than cotton, is softer than it, and it takes up less space. It requires a simple washing (without bleach or softeners), it dries faster than cotton. Available in different sizes.



Disposable Towel vs. Durable Microfiber Towel Caractere Paris
The first and most important difference between these two products is that one does not need to be washed and ironed and the other requires thorough washing. While in some cases the disposable towel is necessary, in others it is possible to choose between the two types of product. The main advantage of the disposable towel is that you’ll be able to ensure that the product will only be used by an individual, while for the latter the advantage is in the immediate savings, since you do not have to repurchase. Another advantage that the durable microfiber towel is the feeling of softness.
We offer both possibilities, but also a mid-point: absorbtex bathrobe, semi-durable, honeycomb fabric, elegant and highly absorbent.



Absortex- A unique and original fabric found only in Caractere: Absortex fabric is completely natural, 100% degradable. Caractere produces this fabric with a honeycomb texture, also known as “waffle”. Our bathrobes are durable and elegant. They stay well for the period of one week.




We offer samples and free quotations, so if you’re interested don’t hesitate to call (+44 (0) 20 3608 1542) and/or e-mail us ( and we’ll get back to you asap!

Hotel toiletries and amenities

Nowadays when we stay at hotels, we’re very used to finding reception items upon our arrival; but it’s not always the case. The amount of money you pay for a room doesn’t necessarily equate to the service you’re going to get, as there are some very expensive hotels that don’t offer reception items, and on the other hand there are some very cheap ones that do offer them. Having said this, it is true that most luxurious hotels do offer these items, because they want to offer the best attention possible to their guests, because that’s what it’s all about: the attention that particular hotel wants to give to details and the kind of experience they want they’re guests to have.


While both toiletries and amenities are considered important, there is a difference between them:

Toiletries are the products we usually find inside the bathroom, and they’re more commonly used than other amenities. They can include: shampoo, body gel, shower cap, toothbrush etc.

Amenities are the products that are given to provide each guest with a better experience at the hotel, and hopefully make them a loyal customer. These give added comfort and while not entirely necessary, they certainly make the guests’ stay a lot better. Depending on the quality of the hotel, are the possible items you could find in the room. Slippers, robes, pens… are amonst the most common, but nowadays in very luxurious hotels they even offer ipads, smartphones and other electronic devices.
14760410286_73bacc13cc_oThese items, were not always a usual thing to find in the rooms where you stay at, until the XX century they probably didn’t even cross the minds of most hotel owners, nevermind them being a priority.

Slowly and surely, as the amount of travelers increased so did the inns and acommadations were they had to stay in (although hygiene and privacy weren’t considered important at that moment) and things started progressing; most of this happening at the time of the Industrial Revolution. Amernities started being more popular when private bathrooms were incorporated into the rooms, which didn’t happen until the 1990’s in the United States.

As I previously stated, having these products in the room helps guests feel happy and makes it more likely for them to return in the future or even tell their friends and family about the wonderful hotel they stayed at. So while it may not seem like much or very important, amenities make a world of a difference.


The importance of disposable linen in hospitals

The choice between using disposable rather than reusable linen could potentially be a major turning point in the cost and hygiene of hospitals.

Linens and textiles are absolutely everywhere in the medical/healthcare industry: bed sheets, blankets, gowns, lab coats, etc. When washing all these products, the industry creates a huge negative impact on the environment and on the hospitals’ finance, because of the massive volume of these textiles. Therefore healthcare administrators are on the lookout for ways of reducing the cost, causing a smaller impact on the environment, create less waste… This can be achieved by using disposable linen, which is completely recyclable and gives each patient the opportunity to use new products every time.


Other negative aspects of using reusable linen are:
– If you’re using an on-site laundry service, the costs that are associated with this are very large and unnecessary, these include: water, electricity, laundry products such as detergent and the labor.
– You will need space to dry the linen if they aren’t able to be dried, as many are not because of the possibility of them shrinking. You’ll also need place to store them afterwords.

There are many reasons you should choose disposable rather than reusable linen. In Caractere we offer a great variety of products, and we’ve been working with hospitals all over Europe for many years. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail: or telephone: +44 (0) 20 3608 1542.

An essential item in every hotel room…

The Hotel industry is becoming more and more important every day, it’s expanding due to the large bloom in tourism and leisure.
With so many hotels, every little detail can be a deciding factor in whether the guest stays at one over the competition; this means the hotel has to offer the best quality products they can and also amenities for the guest to feel comfortable and at-home.
Depending on the class and type of hotel, the products they offer vary. 4/5 star hotels can offer bathing suits, luxury slippers or even electronical devices to their client. On the otherhand, hotels with 3 stars or less might not even offer an item as important and essential as slippers.

While it may seem like a trivial item, most hotel guests agree that it provides a very gratifying feeling to arrive to your new room and see a pair of slippers waiting for you to wear them.
Now, while there are still some (fewer and fewer as times passes, thankfully) hotels that continue using plastic slippers so that they don’t have to provide new ones for each customer, this has proven to be very unsanitary as it can provide a great deal of diseases.

WIth a disposable slipper you can avoid these problems, and provide the guest with a pair never worn before ones. Another great reason is because no matter how clean your hotel floor is, guests will never be comfortable to walk around barefoot, and to avoid them from slipping by just wearing socks, it’s great to be able to provide non-skid sole slippers. They’ll feel warm, soft and comfortable! And because they’re disposable you don’t have to worry about cleaning them afterwards, they can be offered to the guests as a gift (even though mosts guests take them anyway).


In Caractere we have many different types to offer, according to our clients needs.
From our STANDARD slippers, which is very affordable for any and every hotel, and while it’s our simplest slipper, it’s very high quality and will be liked by anyone who visits the hotel; to our PRESTIGE slippers which are the most high quality of the bunch, they have a velvet-like touch and a thicker sole than the others, they´re truly made for luxury hotels and have guests raving about them.The majority of our slippers are customizable; we give the client the chance to pick what colors they want (from the ones we carry, otherwise we can make slippers of a specific color if the client is willing to order our standard minimum quantity for special orders), the piping colors, the thickness of the sole, logo, etc.



We offer samples and free quotations, so if you’re interested don’t hesitate to call (+44 (0) 20 3608 1542) and/or e-mail us ( and we’ll get back to you asap!